Nuno Costa

Nuno Costa

Web Developer | Frontend Developer

Nuno Costa

Web Developer. Frontend Developer. UX/UI Designer.


Javascript / Typescript
React / Angular
Gulp / Webpack
Node.js / Express
Adobe Suit



I'm a web developer from Porto - Portugal, with a degree in New Technologies of Communication, by Universidade de Aveiro.

In programming I've found a way to put into practice my passion, pragmatism and determination. With a wide experience in web development, I try to solve in a committed and proactive way all the challenges that I am part of.


Code Lines

Neurons Burned

What can I do.


Web Design

Create and develop original websites and/or reconstruction of existing ones.

Web Developer

Develop web applications, e-commerce and websites with content management system.

UX/UI Designer

Building layouts and mockups of interfaces for web or mobile applications.

Available for freelance jobs.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.



Education and professional experience.


New Technologies of Communication

Graduation dedicated to training professionals in the areas of communication technologies.

Universidade de Aveiro

2011 - 2014

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Computer Technologies

Course with professional training for computer applications, the Internet, programming with different languages ​​and the use of different operating systems.

E.S. Ferreira de Castro

2004 - 2008

Professional Experience

Frontend engineer

Working on a platform that comunicates to AWS cloud services. Developing in React/Typescript, Apollo, GraphQL, Python and Terraform.

Critical TechWorks

2020 - presente

Head of developement

Project management and estimate. WordPress development using Gatsby (React and GraphQL) and WordPress REST API. PHP OOP development. Develop localhosted application for interactive MUPIs using Express. Git workflow. Maintenance and deploy websites.


2017 - 2019

Frontend developer

Development of web application views based on Experience with Javascript, JSRender, Telerik, Git. Contact with C# and

VP consulting - iBLabs

2016 - 2017

Web developer

Developing full custom WordPress themes. Maintenance and management of servers. Experience in HTML5 and CSS3, Javascript, SASS, PHP and MySQL. In addition I also acquired experiences in tasks runners (Gulp and grunt) and version control tools (GIT)


2014 - 2016


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